D-REX® Disc Diffusers on Round Cross-Section Pipe Headers

The instructions in Part 1 (yellow) of OTT's latest version of the general installation, operating and maintenance instructions always apply to the installation of the D-REX disc diffusers. The diffusers may only be used and installed in the manner intended. Please also observe the information in the installation video for this product. During installation, make additional use of the check list.

Work steps

1. Drilling the holes

Drilling the holes

To install D-REX disc diffusers on round cross-section pipe headers, a hole must be drilled in the headers at the 12 o'clock bottom position.
The hole diameter is 20 mm (0.8").

2. Inserting the saddle-contoured adapter

Inserting the saddle-contoured adapter

The saddle-contoured adapter is pre-assembled at the factory, whereas the bolts, nuts and gaskets are provided separately in the box.
Make sure that a gasket is inserted into both sides of the saddle.

Ensure that the arrows on both adapter halves are on the top.

Ensure that the arrows on both adapter halves are on the top.

3. Tightening the fixing screws

Tightening the fixing screws
Anziehen der Befestigungsschrauben

Tighten the two fixing screws evenly. Use a torque of 20 Nm.

4. Removal from the boxes

Take the diffusers out of the boxes. To avoid damaging the membranes, make sure you do not hit any surrounding objects when unpacking.

5. Tightening the diffuser

Tightening the diffuser

Screw the D-REX® onto the thread of the saddle-contoured adapter and tighten it firmly with both hands.