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High-Chloride Wastewaters

Corrosion-Proof Plants at Affordable Prices - with OTT Technologies

Treatment plants processing industrial effluents are often confronted with wastewaters with high salt levels. This creates a real danger of corrosion, even in stainless steel components. Common stainless-steel alloys such as V2A and 304L are often not suited for use in these service environments.

OTT diffusers offer numerous corrosion protection features and are, for the most part, stainless-steel free. Our diffuser bodies are made from polypropylene, a fully corrosion-proof resin; our membrane materials FLEXNORM®, FLEXSIL® and FLEXLON also provide outstanding resistance to concentrated salt solutions. Our MAGNUM® diffusers incorporate locking latches made from highly corrosion-resistant V4A or 316 L stainless steel and clamp bands enclosed by inverted membrane ends for enhanced corrosion resistance. Clamp bands are also available in HCR stainless and plastic versions for particularly challenging service environments.

When designing or building treatment facilities for highly corrosive wastewaters, we use V4A or 316L stainless as the material of construction for air supply piping. In the case of wastewaters with particularly aggressive pollutants, we often use HCR alloys selected for the specific application at hand.

Higher-quality stainless steels are higher in price than conventional stainless grades. In other words, corrosion-proof plant designs are expensive. Our AirRex® header system is an alternative to stainless steel with significantly lower cost and uncompromised technical suitability. Made from glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene, AirRex® is 100 % corrosion proof. Its cost per unit length is far below that of V2A or 304L stainless piping. AirRex® headers have no stainless steel components other than their anchor rods and transition-hose clamp bands. These are supplied in V4A or 316L stainless as standard equipment and are also available in HCR stainless grades.

OTT customers have come to know that corrosion-proof wastewater treatment plants need not break the bank. With field success documented by impressive reference projects, OTT offers high performance and reliability in corrosive wastewater treatment - with significant cost savings.

OTT products for high saline applications
Diffusers: MAGNUM® with V4A or HCR steel parts
STANDARD / STANDARD 2 with V4A or HCR steel parts
Membranes: FLEXNORM®
FLEXSIL® (Silicone)
Piping: PVC
AirRex® with V4A or HCR steel parts
Steel, V4A or HCR