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Oil-Polluted Wastewaters

Oils and Fats – Not a Problem for FLEXSIL® Membranes

Wastewaters polluted with oil or fatty substances pose particular challenges to aeration systems and their components. Oils and fats can attack EPDM seals and membranes and weaken PVC and other plastics.

Oils and fats can extract plasticizers from EPDM components, causing accelerated embrittlement and shrinkage. This results in rapidly increasing pressure drop and membrane cracking as well as reduced elasticity of seals. Plastics with limited resistance to oils and greases are also subject to accelerated aging which can cause pinhole formation and in extreme cases failure.

For applications involving wastewaters with high oil or fat contents, OTT offers FLEXSIL® membranes made with a plasticizer-free silicone formulation. Providing outstanding resistance to a broad range of oils and fatty substances, FLEXSIL® is used with great success in oily and fatty wastewater treatment in the foods processing, slaughterhouse and oil refining sectors.

Headers and other air piping which we supply for these WWTP's are exclusively stainless steel or AirRex®, since both are fully resistant to oils and fats.

OTT products for applications with high oil and fat concentrations
Diffusers: MAGNUM®
Membranes: FLEXSIL® (Silicone)
Piping: AirRex®